Links We Love

 Valuable space for adoption events is generously provided to us by Petco in Blue Springs, MO.  Please help us support them.


We love the vet services provided to us by:

Town & Country Animal Clinic 
210 S College Street,
Richmond, MO 64085

Loving Care Animal Health
6600 Hwy 69
Liberty, MO

Grain Valley Animal Hospital

Spay & Neuter KC  

Low cost spay/neuter services and vaccinations.

Informative Pet Stuff

Adopting a Rescue Dog

Adopting a Rescue Cat

What Dog Breed Are You?  (quiz)

What Personality is Your Cat? (quiz)

Learn about different dog breeds

Tips for the First 30 days after a cat adoption

Bringing home a new dog

Choosing the right dog for you

Declawing your cat. What you need to know.

Litter Box Issues

 Christy Hall's volunteer photography services are truly invaluable to us. Please contact Christy for your photography needs.
Christy Hall Photography


You can make a difference for the pet population by purchasing “I’m Pet Friendly” license plates. The license plates, which cost $25 for the emblem use and $15 for the plate fee, support spay and neuter initiatives in licensed animal shelters and non-profit agencies. Your donations will be awarded to select shelters and agencies across the state that meet grant requirements determined by a three member panel and administered by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will make a difference in the health care of dogs and cats across Missouri. For more information about the “I’m Pet Friendly” license

 Check out these pet friendly cleaning ideas for your home.