Karma's Rescue of Missouri

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Foster Homes Needed

**FOSTER HOMES NEEDED** - If you aren't sure you are ready to make a life-time commitment but you would like a companion, being a foster parent will give you the opportunity to decide if you would like to add a forever member to your family!! Just ask us and we can provide all the details to providing a temporary home for a homeless pet.  It is very rewarding being a foster home and a very valuable service to the community. There is no cost to you, we provide all vet care and food. You provide a safe & loving home until their forever home can be found. FOSTERING SAVE LIVES!


If you are interested in fostering for us, please cut & paste the foster home application into a word document or email and send to Karmasrescue@hotmail.com.

If you are a Senior wanting to adopt a Senior - Ask us about our Seniors for Seniors program - Your adoption fee can be waived.

Foster Home Application

You must be 21 years or older to foster for Karma’s Rescue                               





Spouse’s Name:



Your Address:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:



Type of animal you are willing to foster:

(Please include species, breed, age, sex, coat length, personality traits, etc)




Why do you want to foster an animal?



 Important stuff to know before fostering:

All veterinary charges will be paid by KARMA’S RESCUE and must be pre-approved by Katie Lappin 816-509-6006.  All work must be done at a vet approved by KARMA’S RESCUE for charges to be reimbursed. In case of emergency, this policy may be waived.


All pets fostered for KARMA’S RESCUE, a licensed Missouri rescue, remain the property of KARMA’S RESCUE and may not be adopted out, sold, given away or transferred without a signed KARMA’S RESCUE adoption contract or permission from Katie Lappin.


Please read the Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Care Facilities Act and will comply with all rules and regulations. A copy of the regulations can be found at the following link.  http://www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/csr/current/2csr/2c30-9.pdf


KARMA’S RESCUE has 100% lifetime return policy for all pets and a pet you have fostered could potentially get returned. We always ask the original foster first before trying to find another suitable foster home. Our policy is that once a pet has been in our rescue, we will make sure it is safe for the lifetime of the pet. We take that policy very seriously!

We are a 100% NO-KILL rescue. The only exception is if the pet is terminally ill/injured to the point that there is nothing further that can be done medically and it is in the best interest of the pet. 





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